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Golden 100 square and 1000 cubes
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Today’s post is on how to make your own Montessori Golden Thousand Cube for teaching Mathematics.
To let the child visualise quantities of 1,000 to 9,000, the Montessori Decimal System (Golden Beads) Complete Layout requires 45 Golden Thousand Cubes. Over here in Malaysia, each cube costs RM100+ (!!!), so there’s no way we’d buy 45 of them unless we’re running a preschool.
A Golden Thousand Cube looks like this:

I found Karen Tyler’s printable too small, so I created my own template, which looks like this:

(The above is only a screen shot, please refer to the bottom of this post for the download link.)
Each page can be used to make 6 Golden Hundred Squares or 1 Golden Thousand Cube. (Instructions are provided on page 2 of the printable.)
Each side is 3.54″ or 9cm, the size of the corresponding materials in my complete beads cabinet.
Since I’ve bought 45 Wooden Hundred Squares to represent the beads, I only had to make the Thousand Cubes. There’re 2 methods to make the cubes:

Method #1

  1. Print the template
  2. Laminate the page
  3. Cut out the squares (It’s difficult to fold laminated sheets accurately, that’s why you’ll need to cut out the squares.)
  4. Use adhesive tape to tape the squares into a cube

Method #2

This applies if you have a rotary paper trimmer (such as rexel SmartCut A425) that can create folding lines.

  1. Print the template
  2. Laminate the page
  3. Cut out 4 squares forming an “L” shape, leaving 2 connected squares
  4. Use the trimmer to create folding lines along the guiding lines provided
  5. Fold along the lines
  6. Use adhesive tape to tape the pieces into a cube (as shown below)

After days of hard work, I finally completed the 45 Thousand Cubes during my confinement. Taa daa…

If you’re short of time, you may make 9 cubes instead of 45 for an alternative presentation.
Download the template here:
Montessori Mathematics Golden Hundred Square and Golden Thousand Cube (PDF, 122kb)

P.S. Download other Montessori printables at our Resources page here.

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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. ~S. Gudder
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